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Word Wheels (Sets 1 & 2)


Use these engaging visuals to help children learn how to blend the sounds of our language, a necessary skill for success in learning to read. This downloadable and printable resource includes a song cue, resource guide, 20 word wheels, 1 bonus word wheel, and a data sheet.

Word wheels work great for reinforcing skills at home. Simply send one home per week so families have an easy way to practice skills of rhyming and phoneme blending.

This printable resource provides a manipulative and visual for blending an initial consonant or digraph sound with a phonogram. Other words for phonogram include: word family and rime. 

By teaching the skills of blending through compound words and onset-rime, we are starting with the “bigger chunks” of language. This will prepare children for the important and frequently challenging skills of blending individual sounds in CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words. 

Learning to manipulate rimes in this way will also help children who are struggling with the skill of rhyming. Rhyming is an important component of phonological awareness and is made more concrete and visual with word wheels. The development of phonological awareness gives children a strong foundation for literacy skills.

Word Wheels Set 1 is comprised of these 20 word families: at, an, ot, ay, ee, ip, am, op, ed, in, ag, ap, ug, ab, ob, it, um, un, ash, and aw. There is also a bonus word wheel using the /oo/ phonogram as it is an easy one to blend and can have a very silly and motivating ending by saying, “you, you, you!”

Word Wheels Set 2 is comprised of these 20 word families: ake, ame, ate, ice, ide, ine, ore, ell, ill, eed, ack, ank, est, ick, ing, ink, ail, ain, eat, and ock. 

The brain is a recognizer of patterns. By learning to recognize and read the 40 phonograms provided in Word Wheels Set 1 and Word Wheels Set 2, we give children access to over 500 primary grade words!

Check out this YouTube video for the tutorial and demonstration of the song cue used with the printable Word Wheels.


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Word Wheels

Set 1, Set 2, Sets 1 & 2


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