Self-Paced Course: Literacy for Littles

Tuneful Teaching Kathy Schumacher MT-BC Literacy For Littles: Using Music To Develope Reading & Communication Skills

"Literacy for Littles: Using Music to Develop Reading & Communication Skills" is a four hour course which can be viewed in your own time schedule. Kathy shares 25 years of experience and dozens of research-supported and music-based techniques that support kids with reading and communication goals. This course includes: current research, assessment tools, and incredible video footages showing the songs and resources being used in clinical and educational settings. Learn multiple songs and rhythm based interventions to improve  phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. Learn how to help children progress through the Phonological Awareness Developmental Continuum as they manipulate language including rhymes, syllables and phonemes. The course ends with technology tips for virtual learning and an incredible section on how to improve handwriting skills.

This course will give you:

  • 72 ready-to-use songs/resources and 12 assessment resources
  • Over 4 hours of video instruction
  • Video examples of the resources being used with kids
  • A 215 page e-book that has additional information and resources
  • A recorded Zoom Q&A office hour with Kathy
  • 5 pre-approved CMTE credits for MT-BCs or a professional development certificate for educators and other professionals

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In Person or Virtual Workshops

The following workshops can be provided in an in-person or virtual format in real time with the audience. Contact if you would like to schedule one of these workshops.



"Teaching Phonological Awareness to Develop Literacy and Jumpstart Communication" is a two hour presentation. It is jam packed with information to get you comfortable with using music to teach phonological awareness to preschool through second grade students. The music based strategies are also age appropriate for older children who are struggling with literacy. Concepts will be illustrated through case studies of children with autism and vignettes of neurotypical kids. An added benefit is that targeted work on this foundational literacy skill has also been shown to spark an improvement in communication skills.


Learner Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between phonics and phonological awareness.
  • Become familiar with the Phonological Awareness Developmental Continuum.
  • Learn how to teach thirteen phonological awareness skills through music based strategies.


what is phonological awareness developmental continuum tuneful teaching foundation for literacy phonemic awareness


"Hands On - A Songwriting Process for Beginning and Experienced Songwriters" is a five hour workshop which can be offered as a pre-approved course for Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. This workshop is presented by Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC and Nicole Martens, NCTM.


Learner Objectives:

  • Learn to identify and manipulate seven elements of a song in order to write effective music for use in music therapy.
  • Develop awareness of additional elements that can be used to maintain client's focus and to draw attention to specific information embedded in the song.
  • Review relevant theory/chord structures in order to strengthen harmony, create anticipation and incorporate surprise or humor.
  • Participate in the process of writing multiple songs for specific clinical uses.
  • Develop the ability to critique and edit original compositions in order to write effective songs for music therapy.



“In two hours, I learned as much as I do at a $300 conference.”

Jo Ellen Weiske

"Not only is Kathy an energized and engaging presenter, she also has a wealth of knowledge and has provided me with an exorbitant amount of music therapy ideas for communication and literacy development."

Alyssa Stone

I loved the information you gave us about the "lazy 8s" and letter formation. This is one of the best workshops I've attended!

Catherine Sreepada

Thank you so much, your work truly is amazing. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am always looking for ways to make learning more meaningful for students. Adding music in the way you do is purely brilliant!

Meaghan Knowles

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