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Literacy & Learning through Music

Intergenerational Programs in Oshkosh and Surrounding Areas

Music is a powerful motivator for learning and a great way to build connections between citizens of all ages.

The "Literacy & Learning through Music" intergenerational program can be offered as a 5-week pilot program or as an ongoing offering. Examples of collaborations include local elementary schools and community centers for seniors or homeschooling communities and assisted living facilities.

Partnerships in the program have included:

School District of Omro

Berlin Area School District

Oshkosh Homeschool Community

Omro Area Community Center

Berlin Senior Citizen Center

Gabriel's Villa in Oshkosh

Maplecrest Manor in Ripon

Grace Lutheran Preschool in Ripon


Our community volunteers of all ages are affectionately called "grandfriends"—a compound word that we invented for this program.

Each 45-minute program is facilitated by Miss Kathy, a board certified music therapist familiar with developing early literacy skills and skilled at adapting for all abilities. Approximately 30 minutes is used for direct instruction with active participation from the children. Grandfriends enjoy watching the antics of the children and participate as they feel comfortable.

For the last 15 minutes, children and adults share a book together. We end the program by bringing everyone back together with Miss Kathy reading or singing a special book. We close with learning some sign language for our signature goodbye song.

When collaborating with a school district, Miss Kathy communicates with the teachers each week to incorporate the same skills they are learning in the classroom.

Classes are held one day per week, usually in the morning. We typically have the same group of grandfriend volunteers each week with each kindergarten and first grade classroom attending the program one time. When collaborating with the homeschool community, the same group of kids attend each week resulting in stronger relationship building with the seniors.

You can read more about "Literacy & Learning through Music by clicking here.



Children and adults of all ages will participate in music-based learning tasks focused on literacy. Skills will include sound matching, rhyming, blending, and segmenting. We'll even sneak in the comprehension skills of sequencing and summarizing. Music and rhythm will be used make learning fun and memorable! Near the end of the 45-minute program, seniors and children will be encouraged to share a book together.

When & Where:

We do not currently have any programs scheduled.


Grandfriends living in facilities

Grandfriends living in the community

Community volunteers of all ages

Children from homeschooling families

Children in local school districts



Music makes learning fun!


intergenerational music and literacy program omo berlin ripon oshkosh fox cities grandfriends

Sheri Egan

School District of Omro

"Kathy is awesome with the children; they love the music, interactive musical games and reading with the elderly.  Kathy's enthusiasm is contagious and her passion for teaching shines through! The program is exceptional for the young and old!"

community volunteer read with children intergenerational music and literacy program omro berlin ripon oshkosh fox cities reading

Cheryl Buchanan

Community Volunteer & "Grandfriend"

"I thoroughly enjoy this program. The kids are learning but they are having so much fun that it isn't work for them! Kathy has a gift for reaching out to these young children. I am there for contact with these children and also because I enjoy seeing the kids react to what Kathy has them doing—singing, repeating lines, and reading along with her. It just simply is a wonderful program for these children!"


intergenerational music and literacy program omro berlin ripon oshkosh

Erin Calvin

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

"The kids always light up with smiles around Miss Kathy and enjoy learning with her. She encourages active learning and is flexible and kind-hearted. The compassion, energy and joy she brings to the children is contagious. It is no wonder the kids love her and cannot wait to work with her again!"

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