Kathy Schumacher Tuneful Teaching Music Therapist Phonological Awareness Oshkosh Fox Cities Wisconsin

Meet Kathy

Kathy Schumacher is a Board Certified Music Therapist with clinical experience in a variety of settings. Kathy holds a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from UW-Eau Claire and has advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy, completing her fellowship in 2021. She also has additional training in Brain Gym, Literacy Link, Visual Phonics, and sign language. Kathy enjoys working with people of all ages including the elderly and children and adults with developmental disabilities.

In addition to her life as a business owner, Kathy focuses her energy on being a mom to three children.  She lives in rural Wisconsin where she tends a large garden every summer and enjoys camping with her family—usually in the backyard. Kathy considers herself a lifelong learner with a pile of books waiting to be read in almost every room.

Kathy specializes in reaching children with special needs and maximizing the potential of all children through music based learning. Kathy has a passion for teaching people with diverse learning styles how to read. She has written over 200 songs to meet specific client needs and is author of Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too: Songs for Developing Phonological Awareness, Literacy and Communication Skills.

Kathy is a professional member of the Wisconsin Chapter for Music Therapy and the American Music Therapy Association. She is credentialed through the Certification Board for Music Therapists and is registered through the Wisconsin Music Therapy Registry.


Click here to download Kathy’s curriculum vitae.


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