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I Can Sing My Alphabet Sounds


Help your child learn letter sounds with this printable alphabet book. Pages are illustrated with simple photo objects and a clean font to help with focus. A free download of the accompanying song is available.

The printable “I Can Sing My Alphabet Sounds” book has capital and lower case letters in a clear font. It also contains one high quality photo object on each page. The background of each photo is erased and the page is intentionally left white. This is to help children focus on the picture and letter sounds. The book also includes a lead sheet with both melody and chords.

Short vowel sounds are also used in the alphabet sounds book. Functional objects like an exit sign and coins are included. Kids will quickly learn that U says /u/ because they giggle when they sing about underwear, and laughing makes learning fun!

Pictures for each letter: apple, bird, cow, dime, exit, fish, gum, heart, inchworm, jellybeans, kite, leaf, moon, nickel, ostrich, penny, quarter, rooster, scissors, turtle, underwear, vegetables, whale, eXcited, yellow, and zebra.

Song cue can be used to teach letter sounds or object labels.

A free recording of the accompanying song is also available for download here.

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