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What Do You See?


Children are quick to sing along with the simple structure of “What Do You See?”, a printable book. This product includes a free resource for making a custom classroom book using pictures of your students. Kids LOVE this and it is very motivating. The possibilities are endless!

Children love this simple and interactive What Do You See? printable book. By cutting out the window panes before laminating, the clear laminate creates a motivating transparent window. 

The simple phrase structure is easy to learn and the music provides a cue for children to say the sentence structure of “I see___”.  Kids also get to practice saying “bye bye” to each character in the book with musical cues to help children who are struggling to chain two words together.

After kids learn the structure of this book, the window page can be used in isolation so that each child gets a chance to look through the window as we sing about them! Included with the What Do You See? printable book is a bonus template for creating a classroom book that includes all of the children’s pictures. The bonus free printable, Who Do You See?, will also target both “what” and “who” question forms.

This resource is also a great way to introduce word substitution. By changing just one word in the sentence (shown in red in the book), we change the meaning. Understanding this concept helps us substitute phonemes later on in children’s journey of learning to read. Click here to read the blog post about the What Do You See? book series to learn more about the literacy connection and learning opportunities they provide. 

Also included with this resource is a downloadable version of What Do You See? perfect for virtual instruction. The pictures appear behind the window panes rather than having the window be a separate page. You can also check out the other music-based book in the What Do You See? series titled, What Do You See? — In the Winter

Book Text:

Look out of the window
What do you see?
I see a bird looking at me.
Bird, bird, I see a bird.
Bird, bird. Bye bye, bird.

Look out of the window
What do you see?
I see a squirrel looking at me.
Squirrel, squirrel. I see a squirrel
Squirrel, squirrel. Bye bye, squirrel.

Look out of the window
What do you see?
I see a dog looking at me.
Dog, dog. I see a dog.
Dog, dog. Bye bye, dog.

Look out of the window
What do you see?
I see a cat looking at me.
Cat, cat. I see a cat.
Cat, cat. Bye bye, cat.

Look out of the window
What do you see?
I see a star looking at me.
Star, star. I see a star.
Star, star. Bye bye, star.



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