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What Do You See? — In the Winter


Children are quick to sing along with the simple structure of this winter-themed book. The laminated windows are very motivating and provide opportunities for creativity. By laminating an extra window page, you can sing a verse about any person or object! 

The What Do You See? winter version is a simple and interactive printable book that children love. By cutting out the window panes before laminating, the clear laminate creates a motivating transparent window. 

The simple phrase structure is easy to learn and the music provides a cue for children to say the sentence structure of “I see___”.  Kids also get to practice saying “bye bye” to each object in the book with musical cues to help children who are struggling to chain two words together. Click here to read the blog post about the What Do You See? book series and learn more about the literacy connection and learning opportunities they provide. 

This book is a spin-off of the original What Do You See? book. Real photos are used to help children make connections with what they are seeing in their community. Pictures consist of: snowplow, sled, mittens, shovel and snowman.

You can expand the reach of What Do You See? winter version by laminating an extra window page and holding it up to any object or person. Simply change the words in the verse to match what you see in the window. Kids LOVE this! More details and a downloadable template for making your own book is included with the original What Do You See? book.

Also included with this resource is a downloadable version of What Do You See? — In the Winter perfect for virtual instruction. The pictures appear behind the window panes rather than having the window be a separate page.

Please note: If you are living in a warm climate and have ideas for writing a winter-themed warm weather version, the author would love to hear them! Plans are also in the works for creating a book for each season. 

Book Text:

Look out of the window.
What do you see?
I see a snowplow moving down the street.
Snowplow, snowplow. I see a snowplow.
Snowplow, snowplow. Bye bye, snowplow.

Look out of the window.
What do you see?
I see a sled sliding down the hill.
Sled, sled. I see a sled.
Sled, sled. Bye bye, sled.

Look out of the window.
What do you see?
I see mittens to keep my fingers warm.
Mittens, mittens. I see mittens.
Mittens, mittens. Bye bye, mittens.

Look out of the window.
What do you see?
I see a shovel moving all the snow.
Shovel, shovel. I see a shovel.
Shovel, shovel. Bye bye, shovel.

Look out of the window.
What do you see?
I see a snowman looking at me.
Snowman, snowman. I see a snowman.
Snowman, snowman. Bye bye, snowman.



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