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My Color Book


The simple format of this book helps children learn colors and provides a musical structure for prompting language. The lyrics and music are carefully constructed to give your child the cues their brain needs to sing the name of each color at the end of the phrases. The pictures are clear and engaging without any visual clutter. The following colors are included: yellow, orange, white, purple, red, green, blue, brown and black. A full-size version is printed on 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock and bound on the bottom for circle time. The half-size is also printed on standard paper then cut in half and bound on the left like a traditional book.

For a look inside the My Color Book book, click here.

Incorporate this colorful and engaging book into circle time, perfect for learning sign language and colors. Also great for prompting speech. The resource is carefully constructed by a music therapist to give children success with singing the name of each color at the end of the phrases.

The book is a great visual for learning sign language, especially if the book is bound at the bottom to make turning pages quick, easy and almost hands free as it will sit nicely in your lap. The following signs/motions are included: my, color, book, sun, yellow, pumpkin, orange, sky, clouds, white, plum, purple, apple, red, leaping, frog, green, ocean, blue, acorn, brown, rolling, tire, black, everywhere, in, out, eyes, and look/stare.

Click below for a YouTube video demonstrating sign language needed for this book.

The layout of the pages is intentionally kept clean and simple, to draw attention to the objects representing each color. Simple but realistic looking clipart illustrates each page. A notated lead sheet included in the file is perfect for printing on the back of the book so that you will have clear access to it as you are singing the book to children.

For an extra literacy connection, have children point to each object on the “see them everywhere” page so that they develop left to right directionality and the return sweep to the second line. The pictures could also be labelled as follows: “purple grape, red heart, yellow banana, green tree, black and white zebra, orange fish, white snowman and brown teddy beat.” Using the resource in this way helps kids who are just starting to develop 2-3 word phrases.

The half-size version of the book is easy to assemble and kids love having a personal copy to explore. Simply print on 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock and laminate. Cut in half and bind on the left side like a traditional book. Clear instructions are included.

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My Color Book

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