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Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too E-book

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Jam-packed with specific strategies for using music, rhythm, and visual supports to teach phonological awareness and literacy skills.
Use the interventions in this e-book to build both a strong foundation for reading success and improve communication skills.

By using Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too, you will help children maximize their potential for literacy and communication skills. This 215 page e-book will also help you develop a foundation for phonological awareness skills and reading readiness.

This book will also help you teach kids to manipulate and play with the sounds of language. By doing so, you will witness a big leap in literacy and communication skills.

As a teacher or parent, you will become more comfortable with and be able to teach a continuum of phonological awareness skills. You will also learn valuable strategies for developing the speech-to-print connection and some ideas for improving inflection and reading comprehension.

If you learn better with video examples, you may prefer an online training course. This self-paced course, Literacy for Littles, includes Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too as a handout.

The online training course “Literacy for Littles: Using Music to Develop Reading and Communication Skills” is hosted by Music for Kiddos and is available here.


Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too is packed with strategies for using music, rhythm, and visual supports. Contents include:

  • 70 songs in lead sheet format
  • Data sheets and printables to get you started right away


Information included in this book will help you:

  • Learn how to teach phonological awareness skills to children with and without special needs
  • Teach concepts through fun songs like “Spider on My Delbow,” “Sneaky Snake,” and “Move the Magnets”
  • Help children maximize their potential for literacy and communication skills


Watch the video below for a peek at the table of contents and a description of what is included!


2 reviews for Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too E-book

  1. Adrianna Horne (verified owner)

    I am a homeschooling mom with two kids, one on the autism spectrum. I am always looking for evidence based resources to build my kids literacy skills— especially tools that my son will gravitate to, such as music! Kathy’s music therapy curriculum is a perfect combination! I love how clear it is with explicit learning objectives and how engaging the songs are. We have enjoyed learning with Alphabet Stew and Chocolate too, and highly recommend!

  2. Jane Kinzer

    I’ve taught primary grades and worked with children as a music therapist throughout my whole career so have lots of experience with learning to read and all that it entails. I think your insights are clear and useful and well researched. I have been using this resource with my clients and find it easy to use. I love how things are broken down into chunks. I definitely recommend this to other therapist/teachers who are helping their clients to learn how to read.

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