Celebrating Music Therapy

flying treble clefIn honor of Social Media Advocacy Month for music therapy, the Tuneful Teaching Blog is officially taking flight.  This has been in the works for about a year.  I have been enjoying all the great music therapy blogs out there, all the while learning and planning for my own launch.

As a music therapist, I treat the whole child.  While many other therapies specialize in a specific area (e.g. speech, gross motor)—and I’m glad they do because the kids we work with need that specialty—music therapists look at the person as a whole.  In many cases, the area that is the biggest struggle for a child in school and other therapy settings is the area where I see the biggest growth in music therapy!

Because the work that music therapists do is so diverse, Board Certified Music Therapists tend to find a niche and become highly informed about that specific area.  My niche is working with kids who are struggling to learn academic concepts.  In recent years, my primary focus has been on teaching literacy skills through music.

Follow me here at www.TunefulTeaching.com and I will do my best to share what I have learned and to help you become comfortable with using music to teach.  My goal is to provide valuable information for both the music therapy community and all professionals working in the field of education.

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